@HRLeverage is currently recruiting for a client in the distillery sector. The factory staff would be engaged to perform various jobs as found in factory and also involve in diverse duties and responsibilities in relations to the products manufactured in the factory. The role includes packing and processing support to bring the product  to a state of completion. After  relevant training, factory staff may run machines to carry out few  duties .

  • Filling of Bottles with required liquor and drinks appropriately
  • Arrangement of cottons for product delivery.
  • Fastening plastics or other fixtures or cutouts where necessary and attaching straps and linings to products where required.
  • Cleans transports and applies identifying data on steel drums in liquor distilling plant, performing any combination of following duties: Cleans interior of metal drums, using steam-cleaning apparatus, or interiors of barrels by rinsing them with water and alcohol.
  • Stencils identifying information on barrelheads, using paint brush or spray gun to paint over cut-out stencils, or cuts identifying information on barrelheads, using metal dies and mallet.
  • Paints or scrapes heads of used barrels to remove identifying information.
  • Removes bungs from drums, using wrench or chisel and hammer.
  • Rolls barrels into position for filling.
  • Empties barrels or drums filled with liquor into dumping trough.
  • Stamps serial numbers on barrelheads, using hand-stamping machine.
  • Empties cartons of empty whiskey bottles on conveyor belt for filling.
  • Stacks cartons filled with wine bottles.
  • Repairs damaged cartons, using adhesive tape to cover tears and rips in cartons.
    • QUALIFICATION  AND EXPERIENCE : Minimum of secondary school certificate/WAEC
  • Able to handle pressure from colleagues
  • Average communication and people relational skills.
  • removes metal sealing rings from improperly labeled whiskey bottles preparatory to removal of labels.
  • Good emotional discipline,
  •  SALARY RANGE : Within the Industrial Factory wage
  • LOCATION OF OPERATION: Yaba/Bariga/Anthony/Gbagada/Ogudu/Alapere/Gbagada/ Oworoshoki
  • Application should be sent to:    FactoryStaff@HRLEverageAfrica.com

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