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Looking Behind The Veil: Why You Need To Conduct A Background Check!!!

Often times we think recruitment is complete, once the application has been reviewed, candidate interviewed and a conditional offer of employment has been offered to the seemingly ideal candidate, but it isn’t … We still have to look behind the veil, we still need to have detailed knowledge of the “would be employee”.

background check

Yes, we have to look behind the veil. You might have gone through the candidates CV….. Yes, you have conducted interview asking series of questions to gather first-hand information from the candidate about the job, his or her experience, to understand his or her level of emotional intelligence, intellectual capacity and so on, but yet we still have to unveil the identity of the candidate, that’s why we need to conduct a BACKGROUND CHECK. This might sound so simple, but failure or inability to conduct BACKGROUND CHECK properly may expose your business to liabilities.


Background check according to Wikipedia is the process of looking up and compiling criminal records, commercial records, and financial records of an individual or an organization.

Simply put, background check is verification of the authenticity of a candidates’ academic qualifications, reference, previous employment etc. or looking at the past records of the candidate only to the length that legal law can allow before a candidate can be regarded as an employee.


You may want to agree with me that the first few questions that might come across your mind when recruiting a candidate that will manage the finance of your organization could be:

I hope this person or candidate won’t commit fraud?

I hope this candidate won’t steal our money”?

Can we actually trust this guy?

This and many more are the likely questions that might bother us, definitely not just for financial roles, but other roles within the organization.

Thus, why do we need to look behind the veil?

Firstly, Employers know that most business theft today is performed by insiders. A background check can help employers to make intelligent and informed hiring decisions to help reduce their risk of theft. Also, as an employer, you should be concerned about the welfare of your employees, as well as your customers for smooth running of the organization; as such no employer will want to employ a candidate who has the tendency to harm other employees or customers in any way.

Secondly, we’ve heard or experienced situations whereby candidates fabricates vital documents such as academic certificates, birth certificates and the likes, which in clear terms is against integrity and honesty organizations demands from their employees. Thus, a proper background check needs to be conducted to avoid such situations, so as not to jeopardise the reputation of the organization when unforeseen and unethical circumstances arise.

In addition to criminal history been discovered, background check helps to flag infractions that might affect a candidates ability to perform a job. In all, it gives an employee the assurance that the right candidate has been employed

Most essential is the reputation of an organization and this is why background checks is needed to help organizations safeguard their reputations by creating more secure work environments staffed by qualified employees.

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