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Why hiring the right candidate seems to be a big problem for some organizations

how to hire rightRecruitment in Nigeria or Africa has times without number seen as a rigorous task for corporate organizations. Poor employee selection can be a major drive towards staffing disaster , which may eventually lead to low drive, low motivation, and high labor turnover rates, just to name a few. Little   wonder organizations are trying to find the best ways to avoid such blunder and eventually find the best person for the job.

Here are some of the problems many organizations are faced with in their day to day running of business:


  1. Unnecessary focus on qualification: The truth is that, who has academic qualification really helped? Technical skills in the workplace supersede paper qualification. Most African firms still ask for special grades as an entry qualification for employment.  This has been proven to be flawed especially when such qualification is not backed up with sound technical experience transferable to the job.


  1. Not attracting the right candidates: To attract the right candidates, be clear about the requirements in your job postings and give a concise view of the role. Use an application form with ‘knock-out’ questions to directly address your key concerns.


  1. Not Engaging qualified candidates: Before contacting a passive candidate, research what motivates them and what makes them happy in their job.


  1. Hiring fast: Many recruiters want to spend less time in hiring due to the operational mandates and necessities. Sometimes there is need to look at your hiring process and ask yourself: are all the hiring stages really followed? Are we looking in the right places to fill our candidate pipelines? Must we trade off quality for timelines?


  1. Not building a strong employer brand: A good employer brand helps you attract and engage better candidates. Always reply considerately to online appraisals either bad or good. Give your coworkers the means to tell their story about their work and what they like ‘for example, through blogs and videos. Websites like glassdoor can also be helpful for online review.

Above the above, you may want to add yours below in the comment section below.

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