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Job Opportunities & Where To Get Them After COVID 19

Hello Friends, hope you are staying safe?

From all indications, Post Covid-19 may snowball into a massive job losses; due to lack of sales by companies, hence consequently downsizing may be inevitable even with or without government intervention. Though this is a sorry case, but you know what? The world we live in is nothing but a capitalist empire. But, the truth is there is still going to be jobs for those who search for them. Below are insights that can help you.

In a recent survey conducted by an employment start up My360Career, here are the summary of where you can get a job now or after this era of Covid-19.


From the survey result, referral surprisingly came top among other strategies job seekers  land their current or last jobs. On referrals, it is recommended that you rekindle your relationship with current staff, ex-staff, family and friends. Trust me relationship brings you out of the many packs of   applicants. Employers are at home with who they know because they can easily trace them in case of eventualities. Besides, it also reduce the huge cost  associated with background checks and verification of their new staff.


Job board since 2009 has demystified the problems of job search across Africa.

As a born recruiter myself, I have hired from job boards and I can easily recommend you to job portals. On my list of course will be Linkedin,, Indeed, Nairaland Career Page, Careers24 in south Africa , Myjobmag , , Jobberman, Joblist, Hotnigerianjobs, and Niaijahotjobs among others.

Trust me, you will thank me later with jobs you are most likely to see on these platforms.

Responses from active job holders.


Social media is also a trending job haven for this period. Due to the lockdown, a lot of activities are now happening on line. So  if you want to increase your candidate visibility? then social media is still the real thing!


A. Join some WhatsApp group mainly for Jobs. Here is a link for some:

Jobs in south west Nigeria 

Jobs in Lagos Nigeria

Job in  up North Nigeria:

There are more but I am just giving examples of some I have personally interacted with.

B. Join A telegram group mainly for jobs :

Because of the limited numbers of people the WhatsApp can take, some recruiters are smarter in migrating to a larger group on telegram were loads of daily verifiable jobs are posted. To do this you need to download telegram app from your apps store.

Below is a telegram group you may want to belong to .

Here is the link; join  My360Career Private Telegram

C. Follow Recruiters.

To show how serious you are on this, kindly use a LinkedIn search and follow at least 20 major recruiters in your city across Africa. Please make sure you aren’t following only the regular so called HR Celebrities! Try other verifiable recruiters who constantly drop live jobs in real time some of them works with staffing /recruitment companies. Just be deliberate!

D. Follow these companies on social media.

Let me be real here, below are some HR companies, BPO and outsourcing companies that drop in jobs on a weekly basis across Africa.

  • HRLeverage Africa, is one of the recruiting firms in Lagos, Nigeria
  • Strategic Outsourcing Limited is in Nigeria
  • Philips outsourcing is located in Nigeria
  • ICS Outsourcing is in Nigeria
  • Talents and skills is in Nigeria
  • Flexi Personnel Ltd in Kenya
  • BrighterMonday Kenya
  • Summit Recruitment & Search in Kenya
  • Ison BPO Rwanda
  • Right Seat Ltd in Rwanda
  • Corporate staffing services in Kenya
  • Novancy One in Morocco
  • Search Latinoamérica in Algeria

In conclusion and to make the above effective for you, you MUST BE DELIBERATE ! Been deliberate could mean that you start with your marketing tool, the CV.

Please get your CV worked on by professional CV writers. Been deliberate means that you will keep a diary of applications you make so you can do a proper preparation for interview. Been deliberate means that you will optimize your LinkedIn with the right key words common within your sector or job roles.

Keeping the above can ease your way in landing your dream jobs soon.

If you want some personal career service, feel free to send a mail to someone at My360Career via:

Good luck

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