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Recruiting the right talent in the face of this pandemic that has ravaged the whole world can be a little bit difficult but it is doable. It is obvious that the world economy has been placed on a temporary halt which seems to be the new normal as every organization is struggling to retain or strategising to sustain what is left of their businesses.

In as much as an impending job loss is imminent in some organization, There is also need for every organization to adjust to the new turn of events which of course is restrategising, if properly and tactically done, organization can cut some cost and recruit young talent at no additional cost.


Due to the sudden turn of event in our work space, most organisations have adopted the remote working method. Hiring for important positions cannot be put on hold because you are not physically available in your work space especially if these positions are very crucial to the organisation’s success in this critical time.

The strategy I believe before the sudden turn of event has been the job advert/ call for resume which is followed by shortlisting candidates with experience  and skills relevant to the job before the interview in your physical space. Now there is no physical space anymore at least for now which means this is the part where you run your interview with candidates remotely. Technology has made it possible and convenient for Recruiters to conduct interview via several apps like Zoom, Teams ,Skype etc.

You can conduct your interview via this means and make your decision as a recruiter concerning the candidate that is worth your time and good enough to be employed into your work force.


Onboarding of successful candidates should be done via virtual meetings where new employees are introduced to team members, walk them through the process and procedure since they will not be working in a physical space where they are been monitored to see how well they are settling in or if they have hit the ground running. The best bet at this point is still to set up virtual meeting from time to time where they discuss issues pertaining to the job, give live updates on challenges and progress so far in the job.

If your strategy hasn’t changed as a business leader in this pandemic, now is the time to embrace technology and remote working to make your job seamless for organization success.

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