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Why Outsourcing is a necessity in the new Normal

Now that the world is faced with a global pandemic and economy is on the verge of a recession, Businesses and Organisations are in a panic mode hence restrategising for survival.

Survival and continuity for business owners and organisation in this pandemic and post pandemic, is a matter of necessity  rather than choice. Necessity depends on where the priority lies, If you consider the survival of your business a necessity, then now is the time to rework your business and its people strategy.

It is a fact that a lot of employers will be facing litigation at the end of this pandemic not because they are doing anything wrong, but because of the complexity of the employment laws and compliance issues in Nigeria.

No one envisaged the pandemic but here we are, and to protect your brand as well as your business interest going forward, Now is the time to give staff outsourcing a thought.

In case you want to know the benefit of  this strategy to your organization, below details may help;

  1. Helps you to refocus

Outsourcing enables organization  and  you as a business owner to focus  on strategic activities in order to grow your business while  outsourcing companies help you  manage logistics and administrative  issues associated with certain aspect of your business such as people, payroll and its processes.

2. Saves you legal battles

The fact is in every organization, there are core and non-core staff. Core staff are key to the strategic and operational aspect of your business while non-core staff are simply support staff. Imagine if some of your non-core staff  had to sue you for laying them off just because you tried to save the institution of your organization or a situation where you have outsourced these staff and its entire employment process in such a way that the outsourcing company has to take  such burden off you in times  like this .  The fact is every organisation needs to prioritize their operation by knowing what is core and what support staff is.


3. Lowering your cost

Issues of high employee turnover which can add uncertainty to businesses are better managed through outsourcing. Here, recruitment cost is reduced because you have constant manpower supplies from the company.   Outsourcing helps you to lower the cost of hiring competent hands as this task solely becomes the headache of the outsourcing company, burdens like on-boarding, health care and other benefits are taken of your shoulders.


4.Helps your processes

Also, allocating your task to your outsourcing partners help share the work load of your employees which in turn allows you to develop your internal workforce where and when necessary and make them efficient. As your business grows, this strategy can be a way to promote innovations and access new skills that reposition your company in the competitive market.


5.Helps you with professional help

Outsourcing also provides you with the HR Advisory and input that can help your internal processes in order to gain some stability. Trust me, as a matter of necessity, you need all the good advice you can get at this time.

When is the best time ?

This is the time to consider how this strategy can help grow your business, Instead of looking at the cost of hiring an outsourcing firm ,why don’t you focus on the value the outsourcing  expert can add to your company and the opportunity it will avail your business to innovate, grow and rise above competitions without distraction in this turbulent time.

Invest your resources, energy and productive time in growing your business and allow the outsourcing company manage the challenges associated with this for you.

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