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This is what you must do, if lay off is the only option

Business world is all about risks. For instance, businesses are often confronted with the risk of accessing  business loan vis-à-vis  the capacity to pay back  as well as the risk of having profitable returns on investment  in the midst of burgeoning  corporate compliance issues and of course employment and legal risks.

As the world faces a major pandemic which may definitely snowball into a global recession, employers must do everything necessary to keep the business aloof. Reducing operational cost   remains one major way to strategize accordingly.  In achieving this, workforce cost may be a major hit, hence, you need to be sure of one thing; that Lay off by organisation is not a crime in any part of the world. So if this is the only option, what then should you do?

What business owners must do if lay off is inevitable is to guard their brand and or organization’s reputation. To do this outplacement plan is all you need. Outplacement strategy is strongly advised for organizations that so much cherish their brand and also wish to maintain their reputation.

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement is a support service provided by organizations to help laid off employees to transition to new jobs in order to protect relationships as well as manage the risk of having a disgruntled ex- staff. Outplacement services helps to render assistance to employees in finding new work after being laid off.  Some consulting companies such as HRLeverage Africa offer outplacement services.

What are the Components of Outplacement services?

  • Coaching and psychological support to laid-off employees
  • Career advisory and counseling
  • CV writing
  • Job search service
  • Personalized coaching,
  • Practical advice on navigating the job market
  • Workshops and Training


What  Do You Gain In Outplacement Services?

  1. Legal and liability protection

After this pandemic, it is most likely that employers will be dealing with significant employment lawsuits simply for issues beyond their control. Yes, sometimes there could be a legal implication of laying off especially for disgruntled staff. But if you do it professionally, you would have strategically won a major war.  Outplacement solutions can protect you against possible disgruntled employees who may have some level of entitlement mindset. Hence want legal resort.


  1. You Get Loyalty, And Productivity with Current Employees

Outplacement solutions show your commitment to your team even in tough situation. It shows you will always have their back even in hard times, hence you automatically earn their commitment both in rough and good times too.

  1. Sustain your brand reputation

Are you keen about your image? Then outplacement solution is what you need if you must lay off. Top talents and professionals will trust your organization as a place for some career advantage irrespective of the downturn.


  1. Cost Savings

Cost of outplacement services are usually very small compared to major severance pay off no matter how bad things may get.  For just this week I was invited for a brief by one of the major facility company in Lekki area. As the head of business development I was so engrossed with presentation and that I could not recognize that the lead person on board was a staff that was once laid off 3 years ago by one of our other client.  He had shortlisted us for that presentation because despite been laid off, we were able to send out his profiles for employment which he quite appreciated back then. The truth is, it costs money to advertise for some business leads, but with strategy like outplacement, your relationship with your ex staff could save you money someday.

  1. Positive reinforcement as relationship is kept. 

Business owners must not blame themselves for job loss and the dynamism in the current business space. With outplacement service, you still keep relationship with your ex staff who may definitely refer future businesses to you.

I conclude with a prolific writer, Maya Angelou  who said, people don’t always remember what you say or even what you do but they always remember how you make them feel. Therefore, if lay off is the only option, make this a positive and memorable one by considering outplacement Solution .


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