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These are the aspect of your business you should outsource

Check out the aspect of your business you should outsource

The success of a business depends on how strategic the founders operate their companies.  A strategic operation is one with less routine impediments or distractions.

The world has had more than enough distraction with the Covid 19 pandemic, now is not the time to further distract your business with non-core activities that can easily be outsourced. Accordingly to, aside lowering your Labor Cost, outsourcing some non-core job function also grants you Access to a Larger Talent Pool from the outsourcing agency, hence helping you to maximize profit within your organization. Different aspects of your business you can outsource include:

  1. Office support staff:

Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Office assistants, drivers, cleaners, medical aids, securities, and canteen managers are definitely not part of strategic functions of your business. Imagine the cost implication of these people? Why not let an agency be responsible for all of these functions while you concentrate on your core.

  1. IT operations:

If your organization is not an IT company, you practically don’t need staff that handles; social media management, branding, graphics artist, Content Manager, IT administrator, printer repairer among others.

  1. Contact center/Customer Service.

Customer complains may be administrative but you need a reliable and trained customer service agents to help you establish a strong bond with your valuable customers so you can have a repeat patronage. Some customer agents you may consider include; Customer Care, IT Help Desk Support, Sales Support and Lead Generation support. Be it inbound or outbound calls, most outsourcing agencies like HRLeverage Africa can handle these processes for you.

  1. Human Resources/HR Advisory:

For a smaller organization, this may be a good strategy to cut staffing cost.   HR Advisory and Employee acquisition may well be handled by an outsourcing agency like HRLeverage Africa through their HR4SMEs platform, advisory, candidates screening, checking references, background criminal records checks, employment relations management, compliance and statutory management. You may agree that this is a whole lot and may require more man power to undertake. However, this process can be streamlined by outsourcing agency because they have the technical expertise.  With the agency you can pay less for HR department staff so you can get more.

  1. Payroll and benefit management:

Payroll processing demands a lot of time and energy and no matter how many employees a business has, you need a lot of undivided attention and focus to have a payroll free from error that can arise from a large amount of data and figure. Outsourcing this aspect of your business saves time.

Who better manages an Employee benefits better than a competent agency that stays up to date with the latest employment laws and standards? A well-known outsourcing and Human Resources firm can provide a wide range of services from social security such as NSITF, Group life, ITF , NHIS and  payroll management.

Don’t wait till you start struggling with compliance issues or computation errors. Outsource that payroll now

Financial analysis Performance:

Your company’s finance is a key determinant of how healthy your business is. It also determines where and when improvement needs to be made. You are more objective with reality than emotions when you outsource some aspect of issues such as budgeting, financial forecasting, Accounting services and accounts payable, Tax planning and compliance, and book keeping to a company who ensures your business continuity and safe guard the financial health of your business.

Outsourcing this aspect of your business protects your records and keeps your business safe.

As you rethink strategies for your business, you may need to rethink outsourcing strategies which affords you the opportunity of employing the professional agencies like HRLeverage Africa who has crops of experts. At HRLeverage Africa Consulting, we have a whole department dedicated to your outsourcing needs. Call us via 08022155626, 08032288650 Or mail get a free run through HERE 

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