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HR for mSME: These are the HR Outsourcing Services You Should Consider

Outsourcing is important in time like this because, despite the pandemic, small businesses can still scale up and optimize their operation while maximizing their return on investment. In doing this, HR operation being a support function in the organization needs to get aligned to the business immediate need; which is business sustenance.

To do this, small business owners need to provide answers to two separate questions which include;

  1. Do we really need to have a seat at the office HR department?
  2. Do we need to channel our energy into bringing in sales and subsequently getting the profit.

If the latter looks handier for you, then here are some the HR operations you can outsource;

  1. Staffing and Recruitment Process :

The responsibility of designing a proper staffing plan, advertising jobs, sourcing for required candidates, interview, hiring and on-boarding are too administrative for a time like this. Easing this burden should be one strategy you may want to adopt.

  1. HR advisory

This period calls for a lot of HR advisory which include but not limited to Job Grading & Job Evaluation. Advisory on how to streamline and run a lean workforce, legal aspect of HR, employee relation, union relations,  among others should be considered for outsourcing because there exist huge admin processing in them.

  1. Payroll and Reward Management:

If HR is meant to design how to provide both financial and non-financial benefits to the employees by taking cognizance of the company’s capacity to pay as well as benchmarking pay strategies with the market ruling rate in order to arrive at the monthly payroll inputs, then such task needs to be outsourced because it is time consuming and it is the least you want to worry about in this uneasy time.

  1. Background check and investigation :

The act of caring out employee verification a function you need to outsource

  1. Policy and handbook documentation:

Corporate culture is taken seriously when it is documented. Outsourcing this process to HR agencies and outsourcing companies is your best options.

What you should do Now

You need to get more information on the outsourcing guide for your kind of business.

HR Outsourcing companies like HRLeverage Africa can handle this for you. We will diagnose your culture and walk you through the impact of what this is.  Check   HERE right now to register for free consultation.

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