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The Payroll Outsourcing Service That Works

Payroll Outsourcing for SMEs
Payroll is more efficient when outsourced

Payroll is an essential part of any organization’s administrative activities. It is not only what shows how employees are being rewarded  and retained in line with their efforts. It also shows the various compliance deduction calculations as well as statutory benefits per time.

Payroll goes beyond paying salary at the end of the month. It includes other aspects such as calculating bonuses, adding up number of hours worked, absence days/ leaves computation, calculating tax and insurance and so on.

When errors occur due to miscalculation, it may result a lot of issues for the organization. Although calculation errors are not just the only problem, we have several payroll regulations and tax codes that must be regarded if your payroll must meet the compliance test.

From recent studies, Revenue authorities often discover loopholes and  errors payroll which  may eventually  lead to stiff penalties.

Some organizations choose to process payroll by themselves because they want to maintain control over payroll data and they consider it to be more cost effective than outsourcing it. They might also be protective of their wage information.

However  while this may be a good move for few businesses,  but as the organization begins to grow,  you may be faced with certain contracts obligations which needs compliance certificates before you can have a successful bid.  Aside this,  the complication of sustaining different levels of benefits for your talents and the need to retain staff by cutting off reasonable tax burden on them may suggest that you  rethink internal management of your payroll. Not to forget, Payroll management may also distract the organization from their core business function if one if not careful.

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

Outsourcing payroll can resolve a lot of these issues and some of the benefits of outsourcing payroll includes;

  1. Saves Time;

Regardless of the size of an organization, payroll processing can be time consuming and it requires attention to detail. While managing any business, time is as essential  as money . Keeping track of bonuses, benefit deductions, termination, insurance, taxes, new staff, paid leaves as well as labor regulation changes can be overwhelming and can distract you from the core duties that help to manage and grow your business.

Outsourcing payroll to a reliable organization can help to free up all that time. Thereby making  the organization focus on their pressing business priorities, and enhance workflow efficiency.

2. Reduces operating costs;

Large organizations might be able to afford managing a sufficient payroll department however; small organizations might not have enough resources for that. In-house payroll processing comes with a lot of costs such as;

  • Time costs; as it has been previously stated, outsourcing payroll saves time spent on payroll-related activities.
  • Technology Advancement costs; paying a maintenance fee for payroll software and having to upgrade the software is a continuous fixed cost. Outsourcing payroll relives the organization from these costs and keeps payroll services efficient.
  • Training Costs; Hiring a qualified staff with the right experience and training to manage an effective payroll system can be quite costly. Also for smaller organizations who can’t afford a full-time employee constantly training their current employee is also an extra cost to the organization and an additional responsibility to the employee’s core role. The direct costs of payroll processing can be greatly reduced by outsourcing it to a payroll provider.
  • 3. Data Security;

Payroll processing has quite an amount of risk attached to it. Some of the risk involved in in-house payroll processing includes; embezzlement of funds and identity theft. Even ‘trusted’ employees can manipulate the organization’s data for selfish reasons. There are also security risks regarding the organization’s server which could leave the organization vulnerable to data theft.

Outsourcing your payroll to reputable service providers can help mitigate these risks. Advanced payroll providers use cloud-based systems and pioneering technology to manage sensitive data so as to guarantee and protect data integrity as well as transparency for clients to track payroll processing. They also use electronic payment methods so that an error of fraud can easily be tracked.

  • 4. Legal compliance;

Ignorance of legal requirements is not an excuse for the law been broken in any situation. This is why regardless of the expertise or lack off of any organization in payroll processing, the organization is still liable for any error or failure in complying with employment and tax regulations. Consequences of these errors can be very costly. Most organizations are unable to keep up with the complex and ever changing employment regulations, data and compliance requirements, and tax legislations.

However, Proficient payroll providers are required to follow up on changing regulations, state requirements and changes in tax rates. They are less prone to errors, misrepresentations and omissions or late payroll tax filings.

Furthermore, these payroll providers are accountable for the penalties of miscalculation or late payroll tax filings as long as they have been given accurate information by the client. This can also protect the image of the organization.

5. Access to a team of experts;

Regardless of how qualified the in-house accountant of an organization is, he/she still has a limited skill set especially if the individual is burdened with other responsibilities. Also if the in-house accountant decides to quit the organization or take a sick leave it can cause a lot of issues for the organization especially in the area of finding a new qualified candidate who can be trusted with the organization’s finance.

Outsourcing payroll services can give the company access to a variety of services and experts. Payroll providers also offer other services besides the usual standard payroll and tax calculation. Some of these services include; automatic check signatures, contractor services, access to HMO, labor law compliance, employees’ compensation payments and general bookkeeping services.


The benefits of outsourcing your business’ payroll services is numerous as payroll service providers carry out your payroll duties with speed, accuracy and flexibility which is highly advantageous to your business. With the help of a professional payroll service provider, the stress and difficulty usually associated with processing payroll is relieved.  All you have to do is provide basic data and the outsourced company handles the rest. You’re left to pay more attention to running a successful business.

Considering a payroll service provider can be very tricky which is why it is important to make certain investigations and choose a payroll service provider with leading technology and experiences that you can trust.

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