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Outsourcing Recruitment Processes, Consider This.

Recruitment is an essential process in any organization regardless of its size as growing companies will often require new talent from time to time. A wrong hire can result in a variety of problems for your company and in the long run it can impact corporate culture and finances. Having a good and dependable team of employees is crucial in making a business succeed.

Recruitment can be done in-house but as you get to a point where your in-house recruitment structure does not satisfy your rapid growing need for more qualified people.   As you get to this point where you would have to make a decision whether to consider outsourcing your recruitment process or not. This decision requires a well-thought evaluation of all pros and cons.

Having recruited for top rated companies in Africa, here are some of the signs that highlight the crucial need for  a change in your recruitment process and why you might need to contemplate outsourcing this process;

  1. Your Hiring Process is Lengthy;

A lot of employers have missed out on qualified talent because of an unnecessary lengthy hiring process. A lengthy in-house recruitment process can distract you from carrying out your core business activities and set back your overall business goals. It could also reduce your targeted growth and increase recruitment costs.

Outsourcing recruitment process can help to reduce the time frame of the process while bringing in skilled and qualified candidates. A good recruitment firm does have the talent pool needed to fill in your available roles.

  1. Your HR department is overwhelmed

Imagine wanting to hire a manager who subsequently seems promising only to say finally say NO at the last stage? Imagine series of your interviews which you had to undertake by leaving some tasks undone?

In house HR departments have various pressures on them due to the multiple activities they manage such as training and development, performance management, payroll activities, career planning, industrial relations and so much more. The recruitment process is a demanding procedure that requires a lot of attention and this might overwhelm the HR department and reduce their efficiency as their efforts are directed towards different activities. Hence, outsourcing your recruitment process is much more effective and it brings in fresh recruitment practices. By outsourcing the recruitment process, the HR department is freed up to focus on more strategic tasks aimed at increasing employee productivity and retention.

  1. Your Costs per Hire is excessive

It is commonly believed that in-house recruitment is less costly than outsourcing the recruitment process however, this is a misconception. In house recruitment procures costs such as advertisement costs (which might run longer than necessary and might end up being unsuccessful) and training costs for less than ideal candidates. There is also the cost of wrong hire. When these costs are put together, it is way more expensive than the cost of outsourcing.

If the cost  per hire of your company is too high, outsourcing your recruitment process might be a better option.

  1. You are Looking to Expand your Business

If you want to expand your business by increasing your product offering or by acquiring a new business venture or just expanding geographically you will definitely require a lot of new and qualified talent. Basically, if your company’s target requires rapid expansion, delay in recruitment will definitely slow down the progress of your company and it will cost you a lot more.

If your HR department is unable to meet up with the demands of high-volume recruitment without affecting their efficiency, it is time to consider outsourcing.  A good recruitment agency like HRLeverage Africa can give you a quick solution and meet up with the timeline set for recruitment without forfeiting anything along the way.  A good recruitment agency will also provide specialists who are able to conduct a thorough analysis of the local market you wish to expand into and hire qualified candidates who are essential in reaching your business target.

  1. You Have a High Turnover Rate.

Your turnover rate is the percentage of staffs that voluntarily leave your organization within a year. When you have a high turnover rate, it means that a high number of your employees quit within a year and in most cases you have to replace them with new employees which means that you are constantly hiring. This is very costly and can significantly affect your customer service and employee engagement.

If a lot of new employees which you hired are leaving a few months after they were hired it is possible that the problem lies within the recruitment process. HRLeverage Africa is a recruitment agency that can manage every step of your recruitment process to ensure that the right candidate is hired.

  1. You need Specialists from Unfamiliar Industry/Sector

If your business offers a wide variety of services or you are looking to expand into a new industry you will definitely require various specialists from different industries. Your HR department might be unfamiliar with other industries and there might not be enough time to carry out a research.

Aside of  having the right tools needed to actively source, a  good recruitment agency has experience working across various industries and provide you with the expertise needed to fill the available role.


In conclusion, outsourcing recruitment is beneficial to your organization. If your business can relate with any of these points made then it is time to consider outsourcing your recruitment process. We at HRLeverage Africa are equipped to help you with your recruitment process. While working with us, you will save time and cost which would have been spent on searching for that right candidate. Leave your recruitment requirements with us and we would help you source for the right fit for your organization. Contact us today dial this number +2348022155626


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