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Why Outsourcing Training is proving to be effective for organization


Training, more than ever is very vital to the success of any business regardless of its sector or size. Organizations need constant development to keep up with emerging trends and competitors in the labor market. While training is the systematic set up where employees are given a chance to expand their knowledge base through a series of teachings, development has a long-term view in which an employee continuously grows and advances in his field and is prepared for future roles. Due to the developmental aspect of training it is closely linked to core competencies and strategic focus.

Due to the evident importance of training, organizations all over the world spend a lot of money and time on training every year however, about 90% of the new skills learned in the training initiatives are lost and forgotten in under a year. This is due a number of reasons and it shows that training programs have to be organized and carried out in the right way. Having knowledge is not the only qualification required for organizing a training program or teaching, there is both an art and a science to teaching, training and learning, and this is well known by experienced learning and development (L&D) professionals. These are factors to consider when deciding whether to outsource training and development or not. You would have to consider if your in-house staff can keep up with the demands of T&D and yet produce positive results.

Here are few reasons why outsourcing is proving to be more effective for an organization’s training;

  1. Cost Reduction;

This is one of the major reasons why outsourcing Training functions is more effective. It gives your business access to training experts in various fields without the expensive salary commitment.  You would avoid spending time, money, and resources on recruiting several talent in-house to deliver the training.

Outsourcing training would also help to leverage the cost of technology as you would avoid the costs of purchasing and upgrading various technologies necessary for the different training programs. Having the current technology needed for training programs is one of the core responsibilities of these service providers. Outsourcing will give you access to these technologies without any added costs.

  1. Multiple Training Needs Satisfaction;

Most organizations are made up of different departments or units and each of these departments have their own distinctive training needs. In most cases the training needs of your Research and Development department can be very different from that of your Human Resource Management department. Also the activities carried out in the marketing departments varies from that carried out in the production department, the same applies to their training needs. It is unlikely that a resident L&D expert will be able to satisfy the training needs of each of these departments considering how different and complex each of these training needs are.

HRLeverage Africa can bring in the right experts needed to satisfy each of these training needs.

  1. Organizations Can Stay Focused

Running an organization requires a lot of coordinated activities. Each member or department of an organization has an important role to play to keep the organization running smoothly. Training as a necessity, requires a lot of planning and assessment and this can take away your employee’s focus from their core functions or worse—it could be completely misaligned to critical business priorities.

Outsourcing non- essential business functions has evidenced to be an effective system for achieving competitive advantage in today’s business environment. Outsourcing your training will provide your business with strategic training programs that will align with your business goals without negatively affecting your focus and efforts toward achieving these goals.

  1. Satisfying the need for many Trainers over a wide geographical Area;

For organizations with multiple branches in different geographical areas, it might be challenging to carry out a company-wide training, upgrade or changeover to new technology. Outsourcing training can help to distribute training materials and carry out training activities in a consistent way regardless of location without having to hire more employees.

  1. Gain Better Access to Talent and Technology Experts

We live in a period where technology is fast changing and knowledge is constantly expanding. No company has all the internal competences and knowledge it needs to succeed because systems and technology are constantly changing and growing. Employing additional talents is not always an option as it is an added cost for your business.

However outsourcing your training can bring in the right talents and consultants needed to train employees and guide their adaptation to a new technology without the fixed cost of a full-time internal staff.

  1. Working within a Time Frame;

In situations where there is a deadline for a project execution and Training materials are required to be developed quickly, do you pull out vital managers to work on the training programs or do you hire new talents? Creating new training schedule can take anywhere from two weeks to months depending on the sensitivity or complexity of the content. Many organizations choose to avoid critical complex training projects because of the time that will be spent in developing the schedule and material.

Outsourcing your training is the best solution for these situations. Outsourcing provides you with quick solutions and training contents because that is their core functions. They also provide you with the right number of resources and skill sets to get the training program running according to your schedule.


It has been fully established that training and development professionals are essential to the success of any business. However, while deciding on how to outsource your business’ Learning and development, there are a lot of options to select from ranging from on-the-job to classroom, to online, to a blended approach. But overall the implementation of an effective outsourced learning solution will give your business a competitive edge and allow your organization to keep up with advances in technology, policies, and innovation.

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