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3 reasons you should carry out background checks

In order to protect your company from potential risk and unnecessary exposure to the repercussions of actions carried out by your employee that can hurt your brand in the long run, a background check should be an imperative pre-employment screening test before concluding the hiring process of an employee.

Never judge a book by its cover, they say, some candidates are more than ready to hide certain details about their histories in order to appear more attractive to the recruiters. Most of these histories are not available as information on their resume as you will need a background check to uncover some truth.

A background check should include work history, educational verification, criminal background check and other checks that align with your requirement for the job. You might be surprised what you will find.

Conducting a background check ensures

  • Work place safety: for employees with history of sexual harassment, abuse of position and unnecessary bully in work place, conducting a background check ensures you detect these unprofessional traits before they are been hired so they don’t have to manifest these traits in your work environment before you detect them.
  • Job competence: conducting a background check is also an effective way to verify claims made by employees during the interview process. Due to the competition in the labour market. A lot of candidates exaggerate their employment histories and overstate their educational qualifications.
  • Reduce liability and prevent workplace theft: most of the fraud committed in companies are done by insiders with previous experience in stealing and committing fraud. Background checks can help reveal such risks before they happen in your organization.

The importance of conducting background checks cannot be overemphasized, as this helps employers protect their brand, by creating safer and more secured work environments for employees.

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