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Self-Care Ideas for HR Professionals and Busy People

In this season of Love, most HR professionals were as usual busy with work, caring for Operations and People Management; however, we often forget to take care of ourselves.
And, believe me when I say that self-care should never be taken for granted, everyone needs some pampering including you!

So, this mail is to give you 3 powerful insights on how you can find your own relaxation in spite of the huge work load.

Sit back and read through the few points below:

Indulge in Stress- relieving/reducing Snacks
While it’s important that you do not miss your breakfast, indulging in healthy snacks can be a great source of relaxation for you. Certain snacks for instance have been found to be really great for de-stressing. Expectedly, these snacks may not fill your stomach but, they can be helpful in calming your nerves and relieving you of stress.

Foods such as avocado, dark chocolate, oatmeal, almonds, nuts, blueberries, yogurts and oranges are good examples of stress relieving foods. Snack on a few throughout the day, particularly when you fill stressed or overwhelmed and need a break. Remember, work no dey finish!

Jump on an open course training

Most staff’s training interventions are often spearheaded by HR professionals, but the HR guys often do not remember they also need some personal development and self-care.

Yes, training may sometimes mean more work for some people, however the better part of open course trainings implemented by training vendors is that it can serve as a relaxation source especially for the HR guys. It takes you off the driver seat of the training interventions and afford you the opportunity to sit back, learn, and relax like other employees while also, affording you the opportunity to meet and network with people from other organizations. And as a plus, you are most likely to close earlier than the usual work hours and also have some time off the regular office bureaucracies. So, jump on that next open course training especially when it’s being facilitated by a training vendor, you absolutely deserve to relax!

Celebrate little wins in your Personal Journal

In this ever busy and fast-paced world, selfishness is becoming a consistent feature in both corporate and social life as, almost everyone is preoccupied with their own ambitions. So, you may not often find people who follow your progress and celebrate your victories and this can be discouraging however, celebrating your wins even if it’s in your personal journal can be an amazing self-care routine.

It is advised that you learn how to protect your happiness. To do this, have a routine of taking a daily inventory of your little wins. Do this daily before you go to bed; take 15 minutes of your time to think about at least two things that you are thankful for and two things that you have conquered that made you feel happy. No matter how little those things may seem, you need to be proud of yourselves in them. Write them in your journal and do not forget to hype yourself and your wins.

In conclusion, no matter how busy you are, take time to indulge in activities of self-care and also celebrate yourself.

YOU also deserve care!
Greetings from your HR Partner – HRLeverage Africa

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