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Understanding how Gen Z works in Nigeria

GEN Z and Work culture 

Gen Z is a diverse person born between the year 1997 – 2012, highly influenced by the outbreak of the internet and digital culture. They desire self-expression and thrive in an open-minded work environment. 

The Gen Z graduates who are entering the workforce and the worldwide technological innovation are transforming the workplace culture in Nigeria.

Even while some businesses struggle to adapt to the new culture, this could result in a high turnover rate among younger employees, low participation among younger audiences, and even a potential slowdown in the company’s expansion.


GEN Z and Work expectations in Nigeria 

We interviewed a few employed GEN Z in Nigeria about their ideal workplace. 

These are the responses we received;


“An environment that makes you feel seen. Your hard work matters and plays a huge role in achieving the company’s vision. “

Phoebe – 22

Media Agency


“A comfortable place not too rigid with dress codes, friendly atmosphere, aesthetic, and care big about teamwork. “

Gold -23

Digital Marketing 


“A workplace that enables expression, no disrespect when it comes to age, experience, background, and more.  “

Ade- 24



“Diversity matters, especially for multinationals.”

Michael – 20



“A proper work ethic for a good life balance. Clear-cut roles and functions so employees wouldn’t have a hard time figuring out their KPI.” 

Lenu – 22



“A place with free food, respect, and no toxic vibe.” 

Debby – 23

Public Administration  


“I really prefer a flexible work culture, with comfort prioritized.”

May – 24

Venture Capital 


Tips on how to work with Gen Z in Nigeria. 

Now you know how Gen Z visualizes working in Nigeria, here are a few tips to help you make that work. 



Gen Z values social connection. Even if the Internet and social media make it seem like they are always uninterested, at the end of the day they want to feel respected and engaged. You need to provide a clear and open communication pathway for your Gen z Staff, and that includes Feedback on work from both parties. 

What you don’t want to do is to order GEN Z around with no feedback on the value or the progress. 



This is more of an advice than a Gen Z requirement. The use of the latest tech, the latest software, digital media presence, and more not only make your GEN Z staff work with ease but improves your business. 

What you don’t want to do is Hire a Gen Z and make them fill hundreds of customer forms when there is Google Doc and Email automation. 



Mental health first!!! Please!!! Have you ever been frustrated with how a GEN Z reacted to a task? Yes? You need to understand that they are pragmatic. They have seen how past generations have worked with little or no regard for their personal life. They seek a change that includes finding a balance between work and life.    

What you don’t want to do is give them unrealistic working hours with little benefit and value. 



The world is changing!!! They want to be in an environment that breeds respect, regardless of gender, age, disability, religion, political view, and more.  Include equality, diversity, and inclusion in your policy. 

What you don’t want to do is be biased in your Gen Z recruitment 



One of the most popular work ethics of a Gen Z is Flexibility. They would like to have Options in dress code, time, setting, and more. Flexibility motivates them to engage.  You could find a flexible option that works in Nigeria and your company. 


What you don’t want to do is demand a Gen Z to make it in time to work when there is a crisis happening in their place of abode. 



There should be freedom of expression, respect, and recognition. In a job search, Gen Z is looking for positive work culture.  Just because they are young, doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of direction. They are problem solvers and love working with a sense of independence. They aren’t a big fan of upper management and would be ready to leave if there is any negative action like workplace bullying. 

What you don’t want to do is Micromanage a Gen Z. 



Never get it wrong, they want a good salary. Actually, it would be difficult to retain a GEN Z being paid under minimum wage. But if you can show more effort towards career advancement, it would go a long way. Training, certifications, competitions, promotions, publishing, mentorship, project supervision, and more you can suggest towards improving. 


What you don’t want to do is work a Gen Z with no picture of Career Advancement.  

It might seem difficult trying to manage GEN Z especially if your company thrived in a different culture. You will need to find Gen Z that has a similar vision and value to your company. These tips are what Gen Z wants from an employer, and will help you work successfully with the next generation in Nigeria. 

Now you know a little about working in Nigeria with Gen Z, You can get to recruit them or outsource your Human Resource with us, or you can request for HR Advisory service on how to effectively manage your workforce. 

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