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Should HR be in Class?

Recently, I attended a 2 weeks management training on TRAIN THE TRAINER along with 2 of my colleagues, all sponsored by my company. And, it was in that training I got to meet and learn some strategies employed by HR professionals to prevent the ghosting experience.

Honestly, it’s high time HR Managers started including themselves and the HR Department in training budget. You need to do this or how else will you become abreast with the strategies to manage the recurrent “crisis” facing the Talent management arm of HR in the now of work. Employees now have a plethora of options to choose from and are demanding new terms of work or else they will “japa” from your organization.

As an HR Manager or People Leader, you also need to be trained to be able to impact and train others into alignment to the organisation’s vision and goals.
Your company is in the midst of an important transition. There is a vision for your company, but you need to put the vision into action. And there’s no better way to do that than by being trained and also training the employees. Make some provisions on training in your 2023 budget and be sure it includes you and/or the HR Department.

Moreover, training is a lot more than just giving your employees the tools they need to do their jobs; it’s giving them the skills they need to be successful in their roles and positions. Training, whether it’s formal or informal, gives employees a chance to practice new skills and gain confidence in their abilities before taking on new challenges.
But, should the HR Director, HR Advisor, HR Manager, HR Executive, HR Analyst, HR Professional, People and Culture Manager/Lead advocating and recommending trainings for the staff also be in class?

The answer is YES!

Reasons why HR Professionals should be in class for Training

• For Improvement in management of Employee Life cycle
• For strategic contribution to company growth and expansion
• For Improvement in Leadership skills
• For Enhancement of positive and diverse workplace culture
It is pertinent to state that these training do not necessarily have to take place in a physical class; it could be virtual and it could even be in an away from the office location.
Essentially, at the end of the session, a knowledge gap should have been filled or a skill acquired or improved. Training could be costly or cost-free however, the ROI is always exponential.

Until I come your way again, Dear HR, be in class!