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Expansion & African Market Entry Service

Expansion & African Market Entry Service 

Market entry consultant is what people call us and this is because globalization is now upon all and Africa is not left out this time.

Expanding internationally, by settling up overseas operations, providing businesses with everything you need to know about trading in some of the world’s most lucrative cities, within the Africa and the middle east regions is our core service.

As a market entry consultant we help you with :

  1. targeted market research & opportunity analysis,
  2. statutory local addresses in one of our business premises
  3. proctoring of licenses
  4. greenfield venturing management processes
  5. building local teams to start your operation
  6. assumption of employer of record for your staff PEO and Payroll management
  7. investor relations and regulatory relation
  8. Vendor management and negotiations
  9. verification of claims among local partners
  10. statutory and compliance management
  11. onboarding you on a coworking and serviced office spaces within our infrastructure

For us we believe going global should be affordable for every entrepreneur who wants to expand. Send us a mail and let make this happen via


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