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Expatriate Management

As far as management of your expatriate contract personnel is concerned, Africa has one of the freest immigration policies .

We help you steer the  processes involved in expat movement and we obtain the necessary work permits, ensuring that our expatriates are working within the African legislation.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Expatriate Recruitment
  • Expatriate Training and Cultural indoctrination
  • Advising on visa requirements
  • Coordinating the issuance of appropriate visas and permits for expatriates
  • Processing extensions & Processing conversions
  • Expatriate tax management and advisory
  • Management of Subject To Regularization (STR)/CERPAC (Combined Expatriate Resident Permit And Alien Card)
  • Management of Regularization, Re-designation
  • Implementing Change of Employment in African country/Entry Visas
  • Management of Business/Visitors Visa, Extensions and Re-entries

Our service offering would also comprise processing of :  ECOWAS Residence Card & Passport ” Expatriates Monthly Returns/Process Review, General Advisory and Consulting.


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