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HR for Small Businesses

HRLeverage Africa - HR for small businesses

HR for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) is our forte at HRLeverage. We believe that access to quality HR shouldn’t just be for big businesses. We understand how crucial every cash needs to count for small to medium sized corporations.  We are often consulted to act as the HR Unit for Start-Ups, Small and Medium businesses who are currently at their growing stage. We streamline the budding stage that SMEs go through at their development phase.

With HRLeverage, you can outsource your HR Department while we manage every HR functions remotely and, or on site visit. By outsourcing your HR functions to HRLeverage you save huge cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house HR Expert whose cost may include wage bills, pension, tax, admin expenses, rewards, work tools, time and of cause desk space among others.

We help you get rid of these complexities by acting as your HR department or vendor as some prefer to call it.  This strategy helps you to concentrate on your core operations and strategic competencies.

We address the key human related issues that support SMEs growth and integrate the business strategy to Performance Management system. Our HR for SMEs services includes ;

  • Organizational Design
  • Employee Bonding and activities
  • Manpower Planning
  • SOP and Policy development.
  • Remuneration & Total Reward Advisory Service
  • Performance Management System
  • Compliance Management and Outsourcing

HRLeverage will diagnose and design a fit for purpose corporate solutions that enable your company perform more effectively. This service includes business restructuring and transformation, development of  cultural imagery that translate mission/vision statement  using a fit for purpose  researched  models  and tools for successful delivery of our services.

Once we understand your organization, we will help you in building high performing teams by providing innovative self-driven initiatives for individuals to take responsibility for personal  mastery that would change them from the “inside out” and subsequently , applying their team-based learning to driving real corporate change. You will be exposed to our range of team development and team building interventions, events & retreats on your request.

We plan and forecast how many staff you may need per time at every stage of your growth. We do this by understudy the trend, projects and compare relevant data available.

We will review, create, or provide support in the preparation of new or existing standard operations procedures, policies and manuals that resonate with your ideal plans. We will also develop industry relevant employee handbooks, HR forms and job descriptions with relevant KPIs.

Sometimes wages, salary and entire total reward package may be the right button to click in making you get the right staff.  Reward can also be the right system that can assist you to retain top talent in your organization. We assist you to achieve an appropriate return on every remuneration investment spent on staff by coming up with market survey and build relevant reward strategy, philosophies in line with compensating policies and procedures

HRLeverage is an expert in balanced score cards implementation as a performance management tool.  Because we are a performance-driven organization with a deep-rooted passion for growth  in the people and businesses we work with, we relate the entire company’s objectives to departmental and individual targets. Our system helps to assess the current situation performance level of the organization. We also listen to you to ascertain your performance goal and how we can bridge the gap and manage performance in the organization successfully.

Our Compliance Consulting Services Include

  • Contract compliance Services
  • Regulatory compliance Services
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Business process improvements
  • Internal and performance audits
  • Employee benefit investigation
  • Government advisory Services
  • Risk assessment and remediation
  • Sub-recipient and third-party monitoring
  • Regulatory control and oversights

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