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Training & Workforce Management

Learning and Development with HRLeverage Academy

HRLeverage Africa offers corporate training and short courses for groups and individual .

At HRLeverage we believe Adults learn better when ;

  1. they feel they need to learn.
  2. there is a practical application.
  3. trainings is tailored to solving realistic problems.
  4. discussing actual on-the-job situations.
  5. learning is tailored in an informal way.
  6. there is a follow-up
  7. different training methods are involved.

This we have curated to in all our learning interventions.

We combine discussions, role-plays, Interactive games, case studies, animated course content, self-evaluations, and action planning in our training session. We believe that using a variety of methods reinforces our message and promotes audience involvement.

With our training intervention, we collaborate to unlock the full potentials your business for optimum workforce performance.


  1. In plant -onsite training +
    • Do you have a conference or board room that can be used for an house training? Then this type of training mode is good for you. Aside this method saving you some cost, your team are practically engaged within your site/plant/office for our robust training facilitation.
  2. Off-site Training +
    • With our Offsite Training, We have several participants coming from multiple locations that are geographically far apart. If you have several branches and you need to pick some of your staff to be in the same this learning mode, then this is an option. Most time, your team can be opportune to be in the same training environment with other staff from other companies, hence making their experience truly diverse,
  1. Online and Virtual Learning +

We use digital tools for teaching and learning, and this technology helps to facilitate an effective learning process.

Our online training includes; webinar, online lecture, virtual meeting and some blended learning strategy. We can move from online to hybrid/Blended learning scenarios to put actual face to learning intervention.

We believe that our participant should have some control over the pace of their learning so they can practically integrate their learning into the workplace.


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