Some times, Outsourcing your  headache could be one of the most important business decisions.

People Process Outsourcing

Our People Process Outsourcing (PPO) helps companies to contract their non-primary business activities and functions to  HRLeverage.  While others see this as business as usual, we see it as Human2Human (H2H) business strategy aimed at  leveraging on the Human side of business for corporate success.

Why Outsourcing?

Over times, most of our client has given these feedbacks as the reasons why they chose to outsource among other:

  • Cost Cutting Tool
  • Enables Focus on Core Business
  • Solves Capacity Issues
  • Enhances Service Quality
  • Critical to Business Needs
  • Access to Intellectual Capital
  • Manages Business Environments
  • Drives Broader Transformational Change

Our Outsourcing Model

With HRLeverage, we  see the need to partner with organisations to ease their people’s headache.

Our outsourcing model creates new opportunities for our clients as we have studied Talents trends from 30 African countries.

Our model is a two edged oscillatory engine  directed at both  employer and the workforce.

Beneficiaries of Our Style Outsourcing in Africa

Our Outsourcing Niche

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