Executive search and recruitment services forms our Talent acquisition offering which is our core strength at HRLeverage. We have recruitment experts saddled with the responsibility of spotting talented people with the right skills and attitude.

Our service includes fresh Graduates recruitment, Executive hires as well as outplacement services. Our Competency profilers are job fit behavioral tools used by Fortune 500 companies, hence it has been proven accurate.

We have topnotch employment branding analysts to help you develop your brands to resonate with what your corporate offerings are.

Talent Acquisitions Model

Talent Acquisitions Works

Retained Search: Our premium long term contract that provides search for highly compensated executives. While acting as the internal recruitment hot spot, we do background checks, onboarding and making the offer on behalf of the Client.

On-demand: This is a full life circle of recruitment coordination as the needs arises. This is a PAY AS YOU GO demanded by client with little staff attrition rate.

Staff Augmentation: Mainly for technical and project driven business options.  We use this to place highly skilled professionals on temporary roles especially on consulting basis.

Outplacement: HRLeverage Africa is in tune with the global shakeups and as such we also provide solution to talented staff who may have been affected by a downsized organization.

As part of your severance policy, organizations  consult us to help you search for better career opportunities for your recently out placed staff. We have the passion and ability to educate, mentor, coach and provide executive search services to executives who have been downsized.

We understand that the process of a career change, or exit of employees from their former employers, can be a trying time , HRLeverage supports you to assess the present situation, analyze available options, develop transformation strategies and execute the strategies so that staff can go through the transition process with ease.

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