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Skills2Work is an employability and enterprise initiative of HRLeverage’s foundation which is aimed at preparing fresh graduates and undergraduates with the needed capacity, skills and trainings for immediate entry into the workplace as workers and entrepreneurs.

This program is aimed at equipping participants on workplace associated knowledge, skills, business kits, tools, and cultural norms needed in the world of work.

This initiative is also aimed at bridging the gap between traditional school system and the end results which is employment.


To close the gap between the output of educational system and input of the marketplace

We want to play our part within the collection of 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly.

 We are playing within the niche of Goal 4 which is Quality Education. We believe education is the catalyst to achieving the other goals.

  • We organize periodic trainings on over 30 career choice for Graduates and also introduce them to basic skills for success in the workplace.
  • We introduce Graduates to skills needed for successful career in the workplace.
  • We send our Graduates on internship to affiliated SMEs, corporate organizations where they can put what they have learnt to use.
  • We introduce Graduates to thought leaders across industries.
  • We organize a social volunteering scheme for our Graduate to pay back to the society.
  • We train Graduates on practical skill acquisition
  • We advocate and provide a policy based discussion with government and policy makers on the need to review educational curriculum.
  • Great CVs to jobs
  • Career exposures
  • Career mentors
  • Internship opportunities
  • Jobs
  • Mentorship

Our training content are competency linked to pertinent skills to navigate the workplace and this is strictly focused on skills, knowledge and attitude.

Participants will be exposed to a range of learning experiences through:

  1. Individual and group presentations
  2. Team works
  3. Games
  4. class project
  5. Lectures, role-plays, videos, group exercises and discussions
  6. Case studies and simulations

Call to book a training schedule via 08022155626